Monday, November 22, 2010

Number Five

Here's the last of my 5 mini (doll) quilts in 5 days (which turned out to be 8 days, but who's counting??).

Should have been Friday

Hmm. Not exactly sure how I feel about this one. I've never worked with gray sashing before and it seems to overwhelm the prints. I may rip all the sashing out and start again. Then again, I may chalk this mini quilt up to a learning experience and move on.  What would you do?

This weekend I was supposed to attend a monthly quilting gathering but illness, schedules, and an ice storm provided quite a road block. I did manage to get there for a couple of hours on Saturday and Sunday afternoon. Enough time to machine quilt the 4 other mini quilts I made last week. Now for binding.  Stay tuned for my next post when I reveal the finished products. In the meantime, here's a recap of the week. I like the first one the best. Figures!






Saturday, November 20, 2010

Mission Not Accomplish

I didn't make my goal of making 5 mini quilts in 5 days.  The stomach bug of Fall 2010 finally caught up with me yesterday. Two of my three little ones were sick this week. I thought I would escape it, but no. I could hardly get out of bed yesterday let alone sew anything.

Here's Thursday's mini quilt, though. I used up some leftovers from a Riley Blake Bloom & Grow charm pack.


I started Friday's quilt on Thursday but I didn't get very far. Let's just say Tufted Tweets are involved.  I hope to get it done today barring no barfing.

Ugh. Happy crafting and stay well!

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Yesterday was Day 3 of my week of mini quilts. I feel a little sheepish about even showing this one because it's so simple. My almost 2 year old daughter came down with an intestinal bug yesterday which she kindly caught from her 5 year old brother. I figure this gives me an excuse...


Now I'm off to start working on today's quilt. Can't waste the nap!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Red and Green

Greetings! Long time no blog. I've been busy with sick kids, school stuff, and of course mountains of sewing.

I finished machine quilting my Hello Betty Retro (by Moda) quilt recently. This is the largest quilt I've made to date and I couldn't believe how challenging it was to sew nice straight lines. Now I understand why quilters choose to "send out" their quilts to be quilted by a professional with a long arm. Keep in mind that this thing is roughly the size of a twin. That should put my whining into perspective.

Instead of jumping right in to hand sewing the binding on my Hello Betty quilt, I decided to throw together an easy quilt top with one of the Kokka fabrics I purchased at Sample Spree at the Spring Quilt Market here in Minneapolis. It's crazy bright, but I love it anyway.  A full photo of the finished top is forthcoming. Here it is in progress:

I had so much fun piecing the red and green quilt that I decided to go totally crazy and piece one mini quilt (or doll quilt) each day this week! Here are two quilts in two days (just the tops, though):



Please post a comment if you'd be interested in a tutorial on either the bright red and green quilt (sort of a throw/large baby quilt size) or any of the mini quilts. They're super easy and would be great for beginners.

Stay tuned this week for photos of three more mini quilts. Happy sewing!