Saturday, July 9, 2011

Field Trip!!

Today I'm taking you on a virtual field trip to the International Quilt Study Center and Museum in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Disclaimer: my museum companion was a very wound up I'm-not-going-to-take-a-nap-because-we're-on-a-vacation 2 year old. Normally my daughter is sweet as pie, but the day of our visit she was a handful! As a result, I only took a few photos and cut my trip short for fear of toddler gone wild.
One shushes while the other one yells

Now where was I?  Oh, yeah...

Quilts of Valor were on display in the light filled atrium, along with all of these nifty sewing treasures from the past.

Antique toy sewing machines

On the main floor, tucked in a little corner was Virtual Gallery filled with computers featuring interactive tours of the museum's collection. A projector also displays quilts from their collection onto a screen, bringing their beauty to life.

The highlight of the museum for me was the Nebraska Quilts & Quiltmakers exhibit (click on the link to see the full exhibit). I just noticed this show was curated by a friend's sister. Small world!

The applique quilts really blew me away, especially the red and green ones. The designs still look fresh so many years later. And oh, the amount of hand sewing involved. Mind blowing!

And what is it about simple red and white? It's just so appealing!

Here are few more of the quilts that were hanging up on the third floor (not in the main gallery):

And what do you think of this pineapple quilt? Amazing! I've decided I absolutely must make a pineapple quilt this year because they are so cool.

The show in the other main gallery is Elegant Geometry: American and British Mosaic Patchwork. I didn't get a chance to take photos of these because my dear sweet daughter was absolutely wild. But do check it out online if you're a hexie fan.

Happy sewing,