Sunday, April 21, 2013

23 and Counting

This week the scrappy patchwork madness continues in my sewing room. I've finished 23 nine patch blocks and I've got another 3 sitting next to my sewing machine ready to sew.

My original plan was to piece together a completely spontaneous, unplanned, willy-nilly patchwork quilt top. I would use up some scraps and make a quilt the kids could wrap themselves up in while watching movies and eating buttered popcorn.Win, win.

Sadly, my poor little order-seeking brain just couldn't handle the chaos. Now I'm slowly piecing intentional nine patches with a solid square in the center of each. Of course the joke is on me because as soon as I put all the blocks together it looks like an explosive color mess! I may add some narrow sashing between the blocks so they aren't completely lost in a riot of pattern. We shall see.

Although I'm really enjoying this project, I'm going to put it down for now and start yet another quilt top.

Details to come...

Happy sewing!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Scrap Happy

Today I'm finding solace and sanity in the form of scrappy 9 patches.

Rather than focusing on the snow outside that refuses to melt, the spring that refuses to arrive, the violence around the world that refuses to cease, I'm going to think about colors and patterns, favorite fabrics and the projects I made with them. I'm going to think about the amazing generosity of sewists and quilters who dedicate their time, skill, and resources to sew for others in need.

Fabric Memory Lane: these fabrics were used for bags, pillows, a baby carrier, a bonnet, napkins, and bunting banners

On this somber day, I wish you peace, health, safety, and a never-ending bobbin.