Sunday, October 9, 2011

(Road) Blocks

Did you read my post about the Marimekko print that got away? I still don't own any vintage fabric happiness, but I did score a dining room table and chairs this past week! The table is solid teak, made in Denmark, and weighs about 10,000 pounds. It's lovely.

And what are those pinwheels, you ask? That's my Robert Kaufman Kona challenge in progress.

A minor miracle will be required for me to finish this quilt by Thursday.  I was planning to sew all weekend, but sadly, my daughter developed a high fever out of nowhere (104.1 last night). Today is all about snuggling and taking care of my girl - quilting will have to wait. Whether I finish my quilt or not, I'm very excited to see what the other Minneapolis Modern Quilt Guild members have made with their charm packs!

Happy sewing,

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  1. Give your little one a hug for me! I know I'm way behind on my quilt too. My little one had a cold last week. And now, I'm still behind. I blame the good weather. ;D Gorgeous table by the way! See you Thursday!