Tuesday, February 11, 2014

February Love

January in Minnesota is always pretty tough, but this year was downright brutal. After four days of school cancelled due to extreme cold, family medical issues, lots of snow, plus a textbook case of cabin fever, I am eternally grateful for February. We'll just ignore that -13 reading on the thermometer this morning.

Last week my youngest child celebrated her 5th birthday. Now all three of my kids are school age. I've had at least one little person by my side nearly every day for past eleven years. How strange it will be to send them all off to school this fall. The end of era.

Having a little birthday fro-yo.

I attended a scrap management class this past weekend taught by Amanda Jean Nyberg of Crazy Mom Quilts and co-author of Sunday Morning Quilts. The class was organized by the Minneapolis Modern Quilt Guild. It was fun, informative, and inspiring. A day of sewing and socializing is pretty much the best therapy ever. Stayed tuned for more about this class.

Soon to be a 14" pillow

Also destined to be a pillow

Museums are a great way to combat cabin fever. There are two exhibits here in the Twin Cities I plan to check out before the month is over. The first is Papercut! The Incredible Psaligraphy of Karen Bit Vejle at the American Swedish Institute. More information about Karen Bit Vejle is available here.  And here's a lovely short video of her in action: 

Ballerina Bulldog from Karen Bit Vejle on Vimeo.

The second exhibit I'm looking forward to is Danish Modern: Design for Living at the Goldstein Gallery at the University of Minnesota. I'll be sure to take photos and share them here.

Now I'm off to round up supplies for making valentines. My 3rd grader informed me after I bought several boxes of cards that NOBODY gives out the pre-made ones. Who knew? We'll make our own tonight while we watch the Winter Olympics. Seriously, who needs spring when winter is so fun?

Stay warm!


P.S. There's one more museum exhibit you might be interested in. Modern Perspectives at the Wisconsin Museum of Quilts and Fiber Arts looks really interesting. Do you live in the area? Let me know if you've been to the show. I'd love to hear about it.


  1. Your warm blog in a cold winter. Happy to read amazing stories and especially about the young one’s birthday. Many congratulations on all school aged because now they are really grown up. Stay warm and keep posting.

  2. Your work is wonderful and I love your patterns and designs. Happy birthday to your little one I hope she had a wonderful time on her birthday.

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