Thursday, May 27, 2010

Fabric Idol

Warning: I'm a bit wordy tonight. Tomorrow I'll keep it simple with some of my favorite Quilt Market photos and short captions. Saturday I plan to tackle all the new sewing books coming out or that are currently out that were featured at QM. Sunday will be all about the Kokka booth with loads of photos. On Monday I'll focus on clothing pattern designers and then that's it! We'll all be sick of Quilt Market gossip by then, right??

So last Thursday (a mere week ago!) was Schoolhouse day at Quilt Market. All sorts of classes and presentations were offered throughout the day on a million different subjects related to all things quilting and fabric. Attendees each received a booklet upon arrival with the what, when, and where information. I sat down on the floor in a private little spot for about 20 minutes and poured over the schedule and circled absolutely every session featuring a fabric designer. Over the course of the next few hours I was sitting in the same room with many of my favorite fabric idols. Frankly, I was so excited and overwhelmed that I hardly got any decent photos. I have about 5 of Anna Maria Horner from the side or the back. Needless to say, I will not be posting any of those.

My heart jumped when I saw Amy Butler's name in the catalog. I got in line early, and good thing because her presentation was packed to the rafters. All of us in that room were a bit giddy about the canvas tote bags sitting on our chairs filled with lovely brochures about all the wonderful things Amy currently has in production. Organic bedding! Wall art! Yarn! Thread! Wallpaper! A new bag patterns book called Amy Butler's Style Stitches (out in October)! New sewing patterns! Stationary! Rugs! And of course her new and very colorful line of fabric called Soul Blossoms (inspired by a recent trip to India). Do check out Amy's web site for all of the details and whatever you do, don't miss the rugs. I'm drooling. I think my dining room may soon be covered in wallpaper, too.

Amy's presentation was great - a sneak peek at all these various product lines. It was sort of like being at Textile Disney World. There was music, photos, even video which you can see here. Plus beautiful examples of her work. I was so absorbed in the moment that I didn't take any photos of the Schoolhouse, but I did get some shots of her booth. Here goes:

Isn't it delicious? Don't you want to move in?

Isn't her assistant so cute? She's wearing the new reversible Sandalwood Jacket (I can't find a link for the pattern so maybe it's not out yet0.

This is a new pattern called Honey Bun Poufs.

Raincoats made with her laminate fabrics. Sorry about the glare.

Here's me doing my groupie thing with Amy Butler.  I'm 5'7" to give you some perspective. And no, I'll never wear that ridiculous outfit again.

Here's her new line of organic cotton/wool yarns through Rowan. A 20 project brochure/book will also be available. These shots and the pillows are a few of the patterns included.  Don't you love those pillows?

These are bags from her new book, Amy Butler's "Style Stitches - 12 easy ways to 26 wonderful bags!" I wish I had gotten a better photo, but my batteries were dying and I was a bit of a basket case. I was in complete groupie mode, exclaiming how her Sunbloom fabrics changed my life. Hello, a bit on the dramatic side! Her assistants looked like they were about ready to call security to have me escorted out. Amy was incredibly gracious, though.

Aren't we lucky to have Amy Butler? Seriously, imagine what fabric would look like without her influence!

Click here for a link to Amy Butler's free patterns in pdf. format. Sheesh, maybe I should be put on the payroll ;)

See you tomorrow!

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