Monday, June 14, 2010

Sewing Room Shots

My life has been pretty crazy lately. Preschool ended the last week of May, then my 1st grader finished school on June 8th. Now that I'm back to parenting three children all day every day I'm positively worn out! Who has time for blogging? Here are some of my sewing room I shot on a whim the other day to tide you over until I start blogging again in earnest.

Happy sewing!

Tools of the trade needed for a pattern grading class I took recently.

Just some of my Japanese fabrics. My shelves could use a little organizing...

A rainbow of thread.


  1. I spy some Enchino fabric that I want!


  2. Ooo girlfriend that is an awesome stash!! Love seeing your sewing room pics!

  3. i would love to learn pattern grading! :)