Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sunday Stash #4

The other day as I was moving around one stack of fabric to get to another stack of fabric (don't laugh) and I couldn't help but notice that I have an enormous stash of Echino prints - especially some of the older ones.

A small fraction of the hoard

Do you know what's strange? I don't know the foggiest thing about Etsuko Furuya, the designer of all this yummy fabric. Isn't that odd? Other fabric designers have blogs, we see them in magazines, etc., but Etsuko remains a mystery. I did find a photo of her here, but not much else.

If you speak/read Japanese, would you mind giving us a quick translation of her profile on her web site?

Do you have a certain fabric designer you compulsively hoard? No judgment here - I completely understand.

Okay, I'm going to be scarce for the next few weeks. In the meantime - 

Happy Holidays to you and your family!
And may you find some time to do a little stress-free crafting ;)



  1. I don;t read or speak Japanese but thanks to Google Translate, here is a rough translation.

    Etsuko Furuya ... etsuko furuya
    Graduated from College of Arts and Textile Design Textile Science, Kyoto.
    Interior, fashion, mainly involved in textiles and sundries
    He has a living space design.
    After working for a design company, working as a textile designer for free.

    Echino echino ...

    In April '03, works with the original textile "echino" presented as.
    "My favorite thing, to form a fun person to be the theme of"
    "Color" works made ​​aware.
    "Echino", provides design and production activities echino Rashiku proposed in various fields.

    Such request is * accepting * Jobs by email

    Activity history ...

    2003 · "room" Solo Exhibition (Gallery / Contemporary Collage: Kyoto)
    Creator 2004 • Kobe Selection "draft! 2" at the Corporation released book bag from Daimaru
    · "Skull's Room" Solo Exhibition (Gallery / Contemporary Collage: Kyoto)
    · "Mg · luck / market · gallery" participating in the exhibition work (Odakyu Department Store: Tokyo)
    2005 · "tex × tex" Solo Exhibition (Gallery / Contemporary Collage: Kyoto)
    · Label "Renovation Material / Fabric" exhibition work participation (Bill Label: Osaka)
    (Bottom) Miscellaneous items from sale Felissimo
    · POO "number of categories from" participating in the exhibition work (Lotus Roots Park: Osaka)
    Kobe Art Project · "TAKE ART" work participation
    Osaka 2006 · Lifestyle Collection "Designer Showcase" Exhibition
    (Bottom) release from the original fabric KOKKA

  2. Google Translator - good thinking Miss Rosie! It's a start.