Friday, May 6, 2011

DIY Royal Wedding

Given all of the events of the last week, it's hard to believe that a mere 7 days ago the world was abuzz with all things Royal Wedding. I was happily wrapped up in the euphoria myself. Kate's dress! Two kisses on the balcony of Buckingham Palace! Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie's their wild outfits! The hats and fascinators!

Which leads me to the most amazing blog giveaway that I just happened to win. Check out this collection of all things Royal and U.K. from Patchwork Queen of the blog Patchwork Palace!

Isn't it fabulous? I can't to start knitting my own royal wedding. Of course I'll put William in red and long lace sleeves on Kate. Don't you think Prince Harry looks spot on? I absolutely adore the Kokka fabric and my 5 year old son desperately wants the double decker bus stickers (not sure if I'm willing to share, though). Make sure you check out Patchwork Queen's blog because she posted the sweetest photos of her daughter watching the wedding.

I remember watching Prince Charles and Lady Diana's wedding with my mom oh so many years ago. We sat in front of our little black and white television and marveled at the adoring crowds, at Diana's beauty, and of course, the most amazing dress with the longest train imaginable.

My very first airplane ride was at the age of 11 with my mom and a group of her students (she's a French teacher). Our final destination would be France, but we landed at Gatwick and spent several days in London. The minute I stepped off the plane I was instantly smitten. I remember arriving in Victoria Station and seeing young people (teens/20's) with multi-colored hair and wild clothes and I was so impressed (my mom, not so much). We stayed in Hampstead Heath, which struck me as shear magic. Frankly, I didn't really want to go to France.

I returned to Britain again at 18, 20 (for 3 months in London), and for my honeymoon at age 28. Now that I'm a mother of 3 little ones, there are no plans on the horizon to return to England. But I'll happily knit the royal wedding party and share my love of my favorite country with my children.

Thank you, Patchwork Queen!

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