Friday, May 20, 2011

It's Black and White

Oh man, last night's Minneapolis Modern Quilt Guild meeting was fun. We got the inside scoop on Spring Quilt Market in Salt Lake City from Lisa and Alyssa (can't wait for her new line of fabric by Clothworks). We discussed the that whole "dumbing down of quilting" controversy that's had the blogosphere abuzz. What a pleasure to "talk shop" with fellow quilty types.

So way back in February, Elise, one of the MMQG members, came up with a great idea for a challenge. Everyone (who wanted to participate) was to bring 6 or more 3" x 20" strips of at least two black, white, or gray prints. We traded the strips, taking as many as we brought. Then we were to make a project with the strips adding only one solid fabric.

Last night we revealed our finished products. They were totally awesome! Wonky stars, zig zags, a bubble dress, table toppers, and pillows. The variety and creativity was just amazing. It was also fun to see which solid colors people used. Green, blue, yellow, and magenta and hot pink were popular, plus simple and satisfying gray.

Here's my project. I had an absolute blast making this. I'm in the process of writing up the pattern and hope to have it done very soon. I'm excited to explore and expand the concept and would love to end up with several patterns. What do you think?

The green is Kona "Peridot" by Robert Kaufman. The binding is a dark turquoise Carolina Chambray (also by Kaufman). I must admit I had some trouble settling on a solid color, so I essentially made another quilt top for the back using Kona "Candy Blue."

I wish these photos were better. Spring in Minnesota this year has been so dark and dreary. It's been a challenge to get enough light for decent photos. If the sun ever comes out again I'll post some new photos.

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