Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Small Announcement

For the last five years I've been sewing and selling tote bags and other accessories under the name Lemonade Bags. Here's an example:

It's been great fun. I've met some wonderful people along the way and enjoyed their kind compliments. But the hours required to make the bags have taken their toll on me. When I started this business I had two children. Now I have three (and I'm pretty sure toddlers count as extra). Also, I was starting to feel more like a factory than an artist. I still enjoy sewing bags, but as inspiration strikes and as time permits.

Something happened to me since the birth of my daughter, Gwen, two years ago. I fell in love with quilts and quilting. I can't believe how much, really. I was never a fan of quilts (even though my grandma was a quilter!). I didn't understand the amount of labor and love that goes into making them. Traditional quilts didn't jive with my aesthetic, either. But times, they are a changing. The modern quilt movement is so inspiring and exciting and I want in. Plus, I'm excited to grow as an artist (if I dare call myself by that name).

So, keep an eye on me this year. I've started writing several quilt patterns and my brain is bubbling over with more ideas. I'm excited and anxious to move into a new direction that involves more creativity and less production.  The first step in my transformation was letting my web site,, expire last week. My trusty e-mail address is no longer, so contact me here on my blog or via my Etsy shop.

I'm definitely going to need some encouragement as I take this leap. I've got loads to learn but I'm feeling up to the challenge. And seriously, if you need a bag just drop me a line! I've still got a million yards of delicious Japanese fabrics just begging to become arm candy.

Best wishes,


  1. Congratulations Annik! Artist, you are. Big news. Definite encouragement coming from me. I'd love to see your patterns and so glad your creative dreams have propelled you to make a change. Good luck as you dive into the modern quilting world!

  2. I've enjoyed your post. It's great to fell in love with something - like quilts and quilting (you) or interior design (me). Keep doing what you love. Huge hugs to you. I'll keep an eye :-)