Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Log Cabins for Japan

I was planning to write my next post about making my first log cabin blocks, but that feels so inconsequential compared to what's going on in North Africa, the Middle East, and most of all, Japan. My head, heart, and soul ache for the Tsunami victims and their loved ones. And the nuclear crisis seems like a cruel joke.

Today I had an idea, though. It was inspired by Red Pepper Quilt's recent log cabin block swap post. I'm calling this idea Log Cabins for Japan and it's simple.  Make a 12.5" 10.5" square log cabin block - symmetrical, wonky, whatever.  Then send your completed block(s) to me. I'll assemble a group of local quilters to piece, quilt, and bind the donated blocks and we'll get them to Japan. I haven't worked out the logistics yet, so please stay tuned.

In the meantime, please leave a comment with your e-mail address if you'd like to participate. I'll be posting more this week as I get the details worked out, including a tutorial on how to make log cabin blocks. They're fun and easy to make.

For now, take a look at my very first log cabin blocks. I threw these together last week after spending the day organizing my overflowing, out of control scrap bin.

Here's the before:

And after:

I didn't have any specific plans for these blocks but now I do. Will you join me and make a few, too?

If this isn't your thing, perhaps you'd like to join in Luana's (from efforts to send quilts to Japan. Details are on her blog.  And if you can swing it, please make a monetary donation to the Red Cross.

Best wishes,


  1. Count me in! A dear Japanese friend of mine is still trying to locate her family who live in Sendai!

  2. Please count me in as well. Thank you for doing this.

  3. I'm not a quilter, but lots of my friends are. I've shared your link on FB and Twitter. Rock on!!

  4. Love your idea, you know, Japan has been very much on my mind from the moment I heard about the earth quack and this will give me some way of "stitching" into my feelings about what happened there. Thanks!

  5. I would love to help out - with the blocks and the production! Count me in!

  6. Definitely count me in. I'm happy to help!

  7. I would like your address to send a block or two. Thank you.