Monday, October 8, 2012


Today is the first day of Kids Clothes Week Challenge. Have you signed up yet? The idea is to spend an hour a day for 7 days sewing kids' clothes. I'm usually terrible about joining these kinds of things, but this year I'm in!

I've already got two pairs of little girl pants cut out. Stacks of knits and corduroys are washed and waiting.

Ottobre Design, also known as kids' pattern bliss!
Here are a couple of dresses I made for my daughter earlier this year using Ottobre Design patterns:

It's a bit cold for these now. Time to sew some fall/winter-friendly clothes. My goal for this week is to make my sweetie a knit dress, leggings, at least one pair of stretch corduroy pants, a corduroy jacket lined with a wool knit, and at least one pair of pants for each of my two boys. Can I do it? An hour of sewing a day just might do the trick! Are you in? What are you making?

Thanks to Meg of Elsie Marley for the kick in the seat of the pants. Now it's time to thread the serger...

Happy sewing!

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  1. It would be a challenge for me to make one piece of Kid's clothes this week, but you have motivated me to give it a try!