Friday, June 24, 2011

Simple and Satisfying

I finished this today -

Okay, wait, here's a bigger view complete with loads of clover-

Hats off to Minick & Simpson for their beautiful Charlevoix line for Moda and of course, my beloved Sandy Klop for her super versatile pindots.

Don't you think this quilt is a slice of Americana? It makes me want to sip lemonade and talk about the good old days (whenever they were).

Here's the back - I love this print. It reminds me of my childhood, although I'm not sure why. Those little flowers seem really familiar.

Mapping out the straight line quilting was a bit slow and required lots of painter's tape but was totally worth the effort (in my humble opinion).

It occurred to me this evening that I've made this quilt before, albeit a much smaller version, right down to the red with white polka dot border. Odd.

So, at the risk of being repetitive, I'm planning to make another one with Sherbet Pips. Will I add a red with white dots border? Perhaps!

Want to make your own Americana throw? You'll need eighty-eight (88) 5" charm squares (11 rows of 8 squares). Cut 4 WOF and .5 WOF x 1.25" wide strips for the narrow border (finished size is .75" wide). Cut 5 WOF x 5" strips for the outer border (finished size is 4.5" wide).  I like  2.25" wide binding strips, but use whatever size you prefer.

I still owe you a post about the International Quilt Study Center and Museum, but that will have to be tomorrow because I'm pooped out after a long week of wrangling kids.

Happy sewing,

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