Monday, January 16, 2012

The Sewing To-Do Pile Gets Smaller

This weekend I started to climbed Mount UFO and finished up (or started) some projects that have been on my sewing to-do list for a long time.

First I made a pair of flannel pajama pants using this gorgeous Anna Maria Horner Folksy print. I used New Look pattern #6321, omitted the pockets and skipped the drawstring in favor of a basic elastic waistband. I took 1.5" off the top at the waist because commercial patterns always seem to be designed for people who wear their pants in their armpits. The front could still be an inch or so shorter in the rise. I also took an inch or so off the length of the pants. Despite taking my measurements and matching them up to the pattern chart, the pants are ENORMOUS (there's a reason why you're not getting a full body shot). I look a bit like Charlie Chaplin but at least I'm comfy!

Next up, a new ironing board cover!!

The old cover was so gross. Despite the millions of water stains I didn't dare wash it because it would shrink like crazy.

The ironing board makeover started last fall. I love this ironing board - it's an antique which means it's heavy and super sturdy. But it was also dusty and the paint was crumbling. Would you believe there were five different covers layered up on this thing?

Here's what it looked like before:
 And this is after a coat of plum spray paint:
To make the new cover I used the fabulous twill "Mad Hatter" cheater print from the original Wonderland line by MoMo from Moda. I remember walking into my local fabric store and just freaking out when I saw this fabric (and the others from the line). I had no plans for the fabric, but I knew I had to have it. It's just perfect for an ironing board cover since it's covered in sewing notions - scissors, pin cushions, and yes, irons! I had just enough fabric to make the cover. Destiny, I tell you.

Now I'm planning to finish sewing a top I started (ahem) two years ago.

When that's done I'm going to tackle a UFO a friend gave me. She started making this dress for her daughter but never finished it (and now it definitely wouldn't fit). Look closely. Do you see a problem?

Yes, the print is upside down. So the question is this. Do I go ahead and finish the dress and not worry about the direction of the flowers, or do I rip out the seams and use the fabric for another project? Keep in mind that the dress is made from old Heather Ross Lightning Bugs prints. What would you do???


  1. Oh no! That is SOOO something I would do. I would like to say that you should just finish it as-is...but I would probably rip the seams out and use the fabric for something else (not that I sew very often)

  2. Definitely rip it out and save the fabric for a quilt! (Be Selfish!) Also, and ironing board covered in irons is absolutely great!

  3. Your ironing board looks great...I think I'd rip apart the dress since it won't fit and use it for a quilt or a bag.

    1. That's three votes for ripping out the dress. I must admit that's the direction I'm leaning, too. I just wish I had the bicycle print that went along with the flowers and the dots.

    2. Okay, next nice day I'm painting my ironing board. Sweet idea!